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Fist Waving Feminism

I will use this forum to rant, inform, answer, debate, relate and everything in between.
Aug 10 '11

Gender stereotyping at its best in this TIDE commercial…

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    What the fuck.
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    This makes me so angry. I can’t ev—
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    fuck you fuck you fuck you
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    This is so disgusting.
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    This is irritating to say the least.
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  15. outerspacefemme said: This is horrible! The Slim Jim commercials that have been airing recently never fail to thoroughly piss me off, either. God forbid a man be unafraid of his feminine side! Gender stereotypes are the worst.
  16. kiefnails reblogged this from mia-the-wonder-slut and added:
    this is horseshit and it pisses me off.
  17. chinatownlife reblogged this from fistwavingfeminism and added:
    Really, what the fuck? This commercial is so fucked up. Watching it, I felt like I was in the 1950’s or something.
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    wow this is infuriating
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  22. brucelightyear said: I say that every time it comes on tv!!! I just want to kick that mother in the face and play with that little girl.
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    Sigh, I see stuff like this in commercials all the time and it frustrates me.
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