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Fist Waving Feminism

I will use this forum to rant, inform, answer, debate, relate and everything in between.
Aug 10 '11

Typically wouldn’t be backing FOX news and probably wont often but Mike Gallgher deserved this!

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    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh shiz. She is PISSED! I think rightfully so though…
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    ^^ made me laugh, but aside from that, good for her. i hate fox but damn.
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    SERIOUSLY! this woman is usually unpleasant, but dang if she didn’t school him, had him equivocating and tripping over...
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    Normally Megan whatsherface makes me want to punch something, but I will admit - this was spot on and well done from...
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    Ha ha ha
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    What a chauvinistic ass.
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    god, she better be careful she doesn’t get fired for that rant. fox can’t tolerate that much equity!
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